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LANAP Laser Treatment

LANAP® is a minimally invasive periodontal procedure that uses laser technology to treat periodontal disease. A tiny laser fiber (about the thickness of three hairs) is inserted between the tooth and the gum, and the infection is cleared away using laser technology. There is no need for a scalpel or sutures.

The Benefits of LANAP®: Leading-Edge Gum Disease Treatment

  • Less Pain and Discomfort
  • Because the laser targets only the diseased tissue, the periodontist is able to treat the affected area without cutting or stitching. The result is a more comfortable patient experience. Patient recovery time is much easier and faster than with conventional gum surgery.
  • Faster healing
  • LANAP® selectively targets diseased tissue and reduces inflammation without disturbing the healthy tissue. The result is much faster healing.
  • Shorter Recovery
  • Most patients who are treated with laser gum surgery can return to work and resume their normal activities very soon after the procedure.
  • Little to No Gum Recession
  • Traditional surgery requires a scalpel, and the procedure always causes some degree of gum recession. With LANAP®, patients experience little to no gum recession.
Benefits for Patients with Dental Implants

An additional benefit of the laser used in our office is that it allows us to perform LAPIP, which stands for Laser Assisted Peri-Implantitis Procedure. The LAPIP protocol allows doctors to address the special challenges of inflammation affecting the tissues surrounding dental implants.

Saves Teeth

The main reason patients seek treatment for gum disease is to save their natural teeth. Laser gum disease provides a high-tech, minimally invasive method for patients to have needed treatment to protect the health of their gums and keep their teeth.


612 Winding Creek Road Suite 202
Fayetteville, NC 28305
Phone: 910-860-8486

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